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The untold life story of Pete Rich.  This is an account of the memories that make up the bulk of his life.  Most of this account is true.  Some of it is not.  He didn't want a memoir.  He wanted to tell a story about the things he did and the things he wished he had done. 

Is he the richest man in the world?  How did he make all that money?  Women find him irresistible, but is it the sex or the power?  Try and decide for yourself as you follow Pete's not so tall tales. Learn how he built his first company at the young age of sixteen and turned it into an international money making machine. Discover what it's like to live on a submarine during the cold war, and the powerful lessons of survival that kept him alive and on top. In the end you might be left with more questions then answers, but it will be one hell of a read!  

His anonymity has kept him safe.  Only a few people in the world know who he really is and what he has done. 

Until now.